Tuesday, April 10, 2012



I have been lost in Southeast Asia for the last 5 months and a bit... I ended up traveling through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam! I had an amazing time, seen so much awesome stuff and meet a shit tone of awesome fricken people!! But as everything good has to come too an end... 
I am now back in Australia!

I will be getting up some content from my trip up over the next few months, of some random cars i seen over the place.. and maybe just some wicked things i seen as well!

Good thing about my return is the content will start flowing again on the blog.. cant thank the guys for keeping it going, while I had one hell of a holiday!

I caught up with most of the SK guys and friends last Thursday night, for a feed at Nando's in Robina... we meet up before to snap a little group shot of Harris, Aerron and my cars together!

here are some shots from the night, enjoy!

Harris rocking his new epic sized SSR's on the RYDES s15!

Can't thank this champ enough, for all the work he did while I had been gone!

A shit load of work has gone into his S15 since I have been gone, so it was great to get to finally see this beast in person! 

Aerron's R34 Sedan rocking a set of wheels you would remember from Jack's Nissan Stagea, that has been posted up here a shit load!

Harris checking out the front lip on Aerron's car!

Harris come up with the idea to line the cars up for a little group shoot... this photo is now our new cover photo on the facebook page!

I do have some killer news as well... AerronLaurenJack and myself will be heading to Japan on the 19th of April, yep 10 days!


and you know Aerron and myself will be snapping away, filling our memory cards full of content that will be up on the blog!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.