Thursday, October 13, 2011


Continuing on with Saturday of Matsuri coverage.... Between driving, fixing, and sitting in the shade, I didn't get a chance to get around to many other corners to watch apart from the corner we had camped up at.... so most my drifting photos will be from turn 6!

Sherman's epicily awesome R32 4 door is always a pleasure to watch.. nothing but perfection from the car and driver over the weekend!!!

 Troy in his freshly finished 180sx.. This was Troy's first time on track also and well, the first time really drifting this car as well.. well apart from some midnight runs! He went great all weekend, watching him improve over the weekend was great!!

 This ute was a favourite of mine.. looked like a handful to steer, had no idea what was in it but it baked hard.. was fun to watch!!

Macey's S14 was another amazing one to watch.. looked amazing out there with the fresh lick of paint, it received not long ago!!!

One you would remember for our first matsuri post.. Kyle's R31

This car all weekend made me wish I was running my 10"s on the back so bad... constantly looked the goods!!!

Here we have Jeffers onevia, you may recognise from a post I made on here a while back... or the features on Freeworks or even Speedhunters!! 
Such a cool car, it was purchased with the intentions of drifting it in Japan, but then deciding to import it into aus instead.. I'm very happy this is in Australia!!

More to come!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage!