Tuesday, September 27, 2011


On Saturday we had our colab meet with Freeworks.. we have kept these meets private and invite only and so far has worked out just like we have planned!! Keeping the numbers small, keeps the car quality high and makes the atmosphere of the meets very relaxed and chilled.. plus gives most people the time to chat to everybody... well still hard to say hi and have a chat to everyone.. but hundred times easier then say a JDMST meet!

With one successful meet under our belt we come into this one a lot more prepared and organised and we wanted to add a few more things to the meet that we missed out on last time! One of those things was including a BBQ into number 2 too bring the chilled vibe that the first meet oozed!! We new that any car park that had BBQ area would be insanely busy on a perfect day on a weekend.. so went on the hunt for an excluded car park in between brissy and the goldy, and we brought along our own BBQ to supply the whole meet a snag or two!!

Hughesy had the job of being the man with the tongs.. and cooked up the sausages for everybody..!! Next one we will defiantly have an option for the vegetarians of the meet.. didn't even think about it for this one, sorry!

Was stoked to see the Chris Pang atteneded in the lamer S15.. This would easily be my favourite S15 around... and its always great to get the pleasure to droll over it in person!!! haha

You may remember it from the features on Speedhunters or Fatlace !!!

First time Alex's golf had been seen out with its freshly colour-coded body, done by a good friend of the blog, Flynn Dowling.. If your around the Brisbane area and would like anything painted from wheels to bumpers to full cars.. Email us and we can put you onto him!

I will most likely will get in trouble for posting this shot of Lauren.. she always looks away from the camera when someone is taking a photo.. but I got a sneaky one that she had no idea about!! haha

This is John aka Johnzoku aka John Dollisson the man behind AusZoku.. This was the first time I had officially met John.. damn cool dude and that MO is just straight up fucking RAD!!!

We would like to thank everybody that attended the meet and we are looking forward to the next one!!


oh and as you would have read yesterday, we had a pretty intense weekend and I have shit loads to post.. so the rest of the coverage of this meet will be up tomorrow!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage