Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As you would have read in the post from Monday, we only attended powercruise on the Saturday.. we got up there at about 9ish and it was already going off, track full, line up was for runs where 6 lanes deep and the amount people was insane!

Ill try keep the words down to a minimum and let you all check out some of the Powercruise action!!

Byza most likely wont be happy about me posting this one!! hahahaha

nothing like watching 2 big horse power GTRs going at each other down the front straight.

Possibly the coolest P Plate car ever... SO MUCH CLASS!!

If the owner is a viewer please email us to organised a shoot on it!

Another favourite of ours from the day.. S14 Zenki with a full Navan kit and those white r33 gtr wheels.. this proves how nice a car can look with just very simple and tasteful mods.. 

This S14 never fails to impress.. really cant say how much I love this thing!!!

and again more photos coming tomorrow so make sure to check back!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage!