Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A few months back we decided to lock in a road trip down to WTAC, this pretty much gave me a deadline for the wagon to be finished (haha) The guys at ON-ROAD tried their hardest to get it finished with myself going down to lend a hand during the evenings after work.. but with some problems with starting and just simply running out of time on it, we come to terms with the wagon not being finished for the trip so we pulled the plug and stopped work on it at about 7pm.. with a last minute discussion to take the Hawk on the trip!

not completely understanding how insanely busy we were going to be over the weekend we headed back to mine.. stopping to grab a feed on the way home made it nearly 10 before we hit the pillow for some Z's!!

Felt like only a minute and I was awake and getting ready to leave haha

We set of at 3am on Friday and arrived in sydney at about 2pm.. but we got mega lost in city, so probably would have got there about 1ish :P

The trip down was great.. had no car related problems and also no trouble from the police.. but we didn't end up making it out to track on Friday night for the drifts... so instead we headed for a walk down George street to grab something to eat and have a few drinks!

We got up at 6am to get head out to meet our friends from the GC that had driven down on Thursday.. so we had plenty of time to clean the cars and get to the track... plus it was mega cool rolling through the city and highways so early!!

This was our little crew for the day.. Alex's Golf, The Hawk, Aerron's R34 4 Door, and Jack's Stagea!

Jack and Aerron's cars looked great.. both freshly polished and looking schmick 

Well that's it for Part one.. WTAC coverage will be up tomorrow :)

Thanks, Streetkarnage