Monday, August 29, 2011


If your on turbobricks the members name Jerd wont be new to you.. he has been build this wagon since feb 2008 and it has come a very long way!! 

Jerd has been a massive help for me, not only is his build thread a guide of awesomeness.. but he has personally helped me with strut braces and the rear coilovers that I'm running in my wagon.

This 245 has seen more wheels then you could imaging, this is his newest set in 16x9.5 all round fitted with a nice amount of stretch... not sure on what type of wheels these are but, I LOVE THEM!!!

Streetkarnage decal <3

Mega jelly of his front camber.. I got to get some on the front of mine! 

Slammed, Stretched, and a Bash plate = WIN!

After a few suggestions on the forum, he ended up chucking the centre caps back on.. and man it made all the difference!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage