Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last night was the August JDMST meet, this months luckely for us gold coasters was held at Calamvale on the south side of Brisbane.

I think this months could have been the biggest so far, its absolutely epic how many cars come out for a Monday night.. we have missed the last two months so was good to get back out to one!!

As usual a great verity of cars come out to these meets.. 
a personal favourite was this 1600 <3

Loving all the Kei cars that have been coming out to these.. have a mega soft spot for them and plan on getting one for a daily sooner or later..!!

 The meet filling up the whole upstairs carpark before we had even arrived and nearly all of the underground one.. Downstairs had a RC drift track set up, which was quite cool to watch.. kind of made me want to get one!

Grant Scott from Midnight Mechanics.. I think Grant and Myself have both been in the car scene for as long as each other, but we had only just officially meet at WTAC a couple of weeks ago. haha

There was some police at this months meet... Most meets one or two driving through but this time there was about 3 police cars the whole meet! 
This was one of the only car I seen pulled over.. I only heard of one car getting done for too low, and thankfully none of our cars had any problems... A police officer even complemented the wagon! hahaha

Sneaky shot of Hughesy, a good friend to the blog and the owner of Freeworks

These meets have definitely started to not JUST be about the cars for us here at SK.. most of our night was spent catching up with people in scene... It was great!!

Well that's part one.

Have a shit load more photo's to come so make sure to check back!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.