Monday, July 4, 2011


We caught up Hughesy of Freeworks at the Downshift birthday cruise, and decided I was going to take a closer look at his super cool MK3

If you have been in the car scene in south east qld for the last year, you would have seen this golf kicking around at nearly every event, meet, and show.

This being his grocery getter he couldn't go completely wild with the fitment, so a set of 15x8 +25 Sportmaxx meshies where fitted up and also recently just installing a set of brand new coilovers, to bring that ride height down to a nice height.

Also would like to announce we are doing a collaboration with Freeworks, and holding our own private meet later this month.. this will be invite only!

If you would like some more info on this email us HERE

Thanks, Streetkarnage.