Thursday, June 30, 2011


FINALLY, here is our coverage of the Downshift Birthday Invitational.

It was a killer day with awesome rides and rad peeps... and luckily the weather brought nothing but sunshine a blue sky.

I will keep the words down to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking!

It was great to see Tom's EG out again... the ride height on this is insane, I failed to even slip my show under the sill on it... plus those 01's just top it off!

The FFamily were out in force on the day.. with some of the best civics in Australia.

Justin's GTIR <3

As per usual Cobey's 35 was looking killer.. It was a shame I didn't get a rolling shot of it.. will do next next time!

Bobby's new S2k that he actually picked up the night before the cruise.

About halfway to the cruise destination, this S2000 come rolling up beside us.. the 3 of us in the car, were gob smacked!! Has to be ones of the nicest styled S2ks I have seen!   

The stance on this was killer!

Emilio's civic, another member of the FFamily was out.. this has been off the road for a while getting a complete respray and a shit load of time spent on that bloody amazing engine bay!!

I love this rolling shot!

I really like this shot of Emilio's and Alex's Civics

A better shot of Alex's civic, it looked rather good rolling along with its daily wheels fitted... also found out on the day that he will be running a freshly painted set of wheels soon.

 A favourite at nearly every event and meet this R34 GTR comes out too, this day was no different!

This Evo was another huge stand out of the day.. The combo of the CCWs and that amazing blue, is perfect!

Last but not least Ash's Civic, that you would have seen from the teaser yesterday... I absolutely love this thing! Those Blue Centred BBS RS makes this one of the best fitted Civics in AUS!

and again the engine bay in this is incredible!

I did miss a few from the day.. Dean's S14 being one, with the couple of rollers I got of it not working out!

Big thanks to the Downshift lads for the day and Congrats on your 2nd birthday.. looking forward to next years!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.