Friday, April 29, 2011


Over the Easter break we headed up to the hardtuned meet in Brisbane, it was actually held in the same place as one of the previous JDMST meets.

Alex drove us up in his XR6... that he chucked his BBS RS on for some lol's
This old merc was at the bowser next to us at the pre meet.. layed out on polished original Benz hubcaps, pretty damn gangster is you ask me!
wicked P plater AE86, its always good to see this out... its nearly at every meet lately.
I love this 80.. stock aero plus a front lip and slammed on CST Hype Zero's (My favorite wheel)
S14 rolling through the Clem!!

That is for now, as you can see this was before we had even got to the meet haha

Thanks, Streetkarnage.