Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I got some work done on the wagon on the weekend

Saturday for me included a whole day of cleaning out the garage and stripping everything i needed off my old sedan.. yes a whole day.. my garage was trashed! (haha)

So at around 5 o'clock Saturday my mate's Joey and Rossi gave me a hand to roll, well struggle to push the wagon into the garage haha

Then Sunday my mate Rossi come around again and said lets get into it haha my motivation was at empty, but some how he managed to get me down there and we got the motor bolted in..!!
After a celebratory hi-five I started mounting the gearbox, whilst Rossie removed the old fuel pump.. so that was pretty much it!

now I have it in the garage and bolted in, the work will move a lot faster... so more updates to come :)