Thursday, February 24, 2011


I got word that the Lowly Gentlemen where in town by Alex, that had meet them at the end of the month JDMST meet on monday night. He informed me that they want to do a shoot on his RX before they took off back home!

I got a text later that same day from Alex saying... that they wanted to do it today and for him to select a good beach location!

He chose to do it at the Currumbin Alley and this being only around the corner from my house he asked if I wanted to come.. This was a no brainer for me with Alex copping an Instant Reply of "HELLZ YEAH!!!" I was stoked at the Idea to meet the boys from SW and its always good to have a rad chill session at a shoot and talk crap about the things we love, CARS! (haha)

I ended up getting the camera out and got a couple of shots.... but make sure to check out the The Lowly Gentlemen on StanceWorks for the full shoot.... trust me this is only a sneak peak, I cant wait to see the full shoot by Dom and Oxer!

anyways enough bloody words... here are some pics....

The man himself, Oxer working his skills on the RX.... It was a bit frantic at first as the sun was about to go behind some clouds, so both Oxer and Dom were shooting at it in ever angle possible.

the new Black roof is so very AWESOME!

This photo sums up the arvo for me... Being the fricken unpredictable Gold Coast weather we have here.. the sun was setting and the storm was rolling in..!!

Had a ball, and was a shame I had to skip out early to get to a previously arranged dinner :( If you Gents read this.. was awesome to meet you and hopefully get to do so again in the future.

and again make sure to check out StanceWorks to get not only this shoot but the ridiculous amount of shoots they did on the cars, of the south east Queensland!!