Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I suck at them. Some of you may have seen me cruising through some of the aussie forums under the alias 'Oxer'.... Many of you who know me, know that you can usually find me on the StanceWorks forums whoring away in the Random Thread with the SW regulars...

I live in Melbourne, am 21, have owned more cars then my toes and fingers put together, and am what some might call an enthusiast. However Im not exactly 'normal' when it comes to the things I like to build. Zac invited me over to become an authour here to keep you guys in the loop with all the cool things happening down here, so hopefully Ill be able to do that soon!

Enough text, Ill leave you with some pics of my current build/ride which is soon to be daily.









Pictures were taken by Kitbkk Fotomotive at the first StanceWorks meet in Melbourne. Ill be posting a short review of the meet in the near future, so stay tuned.

Oh, and wheel specs for the CCW's are:

16x9 +-0 205/45 Front

16x9.5 -6 215/40 Rear