Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well if you think about the stance scene, for me one name and car comes to mind!!

Mike Burroughs and his Rusty BMW

This BMW has gone through more changes then house's I have lived in, and I am constantly blown away by it..

Go to his Flickr to check out his work and also you can see rusty in his many stages.

Interior on it matches the exterior to a T, Pure ratty-ness!!

17x9 -10 and 17x11 -10 24k Gold Plated magnesium Ronal Racing splits.

Struts shortened, strut mounts raised, frame notched, etc, to drop it another 4 inches.

The body work is rubbed in used diesel oil to blacken the metal and rust.

Could you imaging seeing this roll past you on the way to the shops.

The Godfather has had the top chopped 5" from stock.

anyway if you haven't all ready get over to StanceWorks to check it out and join up..