Monday, April 19, 2010


It was quite a busy weekend for me, trying to get my tyres sorted and wheels fitted!

I am currently limited to only using my IPhone as a camera, so the photos are not to best but this would have to my favorite out of the lot!

Shot from the front showing the blacked out grill, soon to have a little more flavour added to it.

I love how the rear guards turned out, I'm considering 10mm slip on spacers to finish it off.

Yes I know that it's to high (lol) but with the standard exhaust sitting only 40mm of the ground, I will need to get the exhaust tucked up to above the chassis rails.

Wheels are Diamond Racing Wheels in 15x10(-10) all round running 195/50s
Well hope you like it so far, and please comment.

Thank you, Streetkarnage.