Thursday, April 15, 2010


Come across Anthony Scott's sil80 today and I just couldn't take my eye's off it!!
With its full custom Rocket Bunny Kit and rocking an RB30 its just a win win for me!

Nissan RB30 block, modified oil feeds and returns
GTR ported and polished cylinder head
HKS 260 camshafts
GTR adjustable cam pulleys
Spool H beam con rods
CP forged oversize pistons
ACL race bearings, mains and big ends
ARP studs, head, mains and big ends
Spool large capacity oil sump
Spool cylinder head oil drain kit
Cometic metal 1.2mm cylinder head gasket
N1 oil pump
N1 water pump
Garret GT35 Turbo (ACT turbo’s)
40mm external waste gate
Custom 3” exhaust system
Apexi power FC ecu
HKS 720cc injectors

Driftworks Control system 2 coilover suspension
Driftworks Adjustable lower arms front and rear
Japspeed upper rear adjustable arms and sub frame brace
Driftworks alloy sub frame and differential mounts
Brembo GTR front and rear brakes
Skylinepart front grooved brake discs
GTS steering rack with electrical 2 stage assistance
Whiteline adjustable anti roll bars

RB25 Gearbox with PPG straight cut gears and dog selectors
Custom poly gear box mount
Nismo twin plate clutch
Cusco 2 way GTR differential in S13 case
GTR drive shafts
GTR Rear hubs
S14 front hubs
Custom one piece prop shaft

Rocket bunny Tra-kyoto 6666 customs body kit
Plastics4performance rear 3 windows
FRP doors
PS13 front
EP racing FRP bonnet
Ultralite alloys 18x9 ET10 (20mm rear spacers, extra 5mm added depending upon tyre size)
Crystal front indicators and side lights