Friday, December 6, 2013


Sean hit me up a fair few months ago about an idea he had and asked if I could try make it work on photoshop... his plan was a sedan version of the calsonic r32 and slammed on SSR mk1s. I loved the idea, it was something I had never seen done before, so I happily had a crack for him!!

This is what I come up with for him.

Usually when I do photoshops for people (I do a shit load) its just a dream or an idea they think might work... and over 50% of the time it never actually gets done.... but this time Sean put the gears in motion and started getting cracking on this concept!

aaaaaand as you see the photoshop is super damn close to the car you see today, yes minus a few things... see when someone asks me to do a photoshop I usually go with what I think looks better and in this case it was GTR fronted.

But to tell you the truth I think he went the right way with this one, it looks better without the GTR gear.

But I would like to add he is getting a GTR wing for the back of this, I do think that will finish it off very nicely!

Body wise it has been kept simple and well planned!

full smurf blue respray and the Calsonic Livery by Koolstik Signs.

ohhhh and those amazing star indicators!!

Still rocking the rb20 but with a heap off goodies including, ACL race bearings, a garett GT2871r, Plazmaman plenum, spitfire coils, Power FC, Hks Oil cooler, and the list goes on!

aaannnd that custom Asahi 3ltr catch can, god damn son!

The sedan is put on the ground thanks to Kei Office coilovers in the front and Hks r33 front coilovers in the rear! Sean converted it to NA gear so he can run this set of 15x7.5 and 15x8.5 ssr mk1s.

Cant wait till he gets this bad boy out on track!!

 I have to tip my hat to Sean though, if it wasn't people like this guy... we would live in a fucking boring car world!