Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well a bit late, but started getting through most of the QR XMAS BASH images from last Wednesday.

Such a killer day, so many rad dudes with rad cars... Events like this makes our QLD scene the best in Australia. I wish I got to drive, but couldn't miss getting out there and getting some snaps for everybody.


Roger was killing it all day in his LS3 powered cressy... now rocking 285s on the rear!

Nuggggg laid some colour down... oh man this shit is Bananas!

Beally was so damn consistent all day... so good to watch!

Jamie was out in his street s14.

Crazy at last years Xmas bash, Glenny and Gio had a very unfortunate accident with both cars getting a lot of damage... Gio's was beyond repair and started building the amazing black 180sx you see above and Glen's got a tube front along with a shit load more work. It's now the red 180sx above... guys have done such an mazing work on both cars!

Well fucking done!

Gravy Garage x Bayside Works

Rory from Fitment Garage was baking all day in the land barge!

 Dave from JPP was killinnnggg it in his r33... this is such a quick car when its sliding, always a good car to watch!

Charlie now rocking 18" Xt7s and Type X aero his car was looking rad... and he was driving just as rad all day!

Finn's 180sx coming out of turn 2.

Joel s14 is the goods, another from Gravy Garage.

Jack was another one that was super awesome to watch... always consistent.

Tayno "no words fucking need" Ayo

 Daniel was going hard in his NA 180sx!

This shit was nuts, this is the back end off I would have to say about 15 car train... fuck it was insane to watch!

More coming in the next few days, keep watch!