Monday, November 25, 2013


The First Streetkarnage Monthly Meet Up // SKMMU
20th of November 2013
Brisbane, QLD, Aus

Alex was keen to get the vibes back of the old JDMST meets, random midweek meet up at a location in Brisbane!

This was the first meet from us since the secret meets we did ages ago. Anyway enjoy the images and cant wait for the next!

Nelly rolling to the meet, he has had his BBS LMs fully refurbished and finished in both matte and gloss black.

  Charlie brought out his s13, now rocking 18" work xt7s.

Blake attended in his Porsche 964, from what he told us on the night he has big plans for this thing!

Deadlands DC Geoff, brought out his epic r32... this car is amazing!!

We will need to feature this ASAP! 

The vibe on the night was great, and it was a great turn out for the first meet.

The Springless guys brought out their amazing oval bug!!

dat stache!

Luke attending in his ae86.

Jackson's stupidly cool e36 is always a great sight... currently rocking the wheels of his old white sedan!

More to come, keep watch!