Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Jake looney and his infamous purple civic made the trek to Philadelphia to hang out for the day, and we decided to take some pictures.  Jake's on the right, BFF James on the left. Both of these cars are static.

Jake's Purple Civic rocking some CCW LM5's quite well. 15x9's and 15x10's with negative offsets grace the fenders perfectly.
On our way to China Town
  You can see the massive crown in the road below, Jake plowed right over it until he got stuck...
 There was a group of about 30 people on the street corner, one of whom shouted out "OH SHIT HIS CAR BROKE RIGHT THERE".  They're faces when we pulled jake off of it were absolutely  

James's Miata in front of City Hall
Jake's Cockpit

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  We ended up meeting up with friends later on. They happen to be in Liberty VIP. Pauly on the left with bagged GS 300 on Leon Hardiritts and Pete T on the right with his LS 460.

Nicolaus Pro