Friday, April 5, 2013


A couple of weekends ago, Zak and Myself went for a drive up to Brisbane to shoot Michael's S14 (which is coming up soon) on the day Jack and Kristie come and chilled out with us..... and lucky for us, they brought around the amazing Micra, that you see below!

Slammed down on those Mk1s with pumped guards... this Micra comes is well built from      wheel choice, paint colour and all the way down to the little details that makes this a   true slice of Japan!

Car has had a complete custom respray by Jack who works at Mangano Body Works, Micra also has had its rear bumper shaved and a bundle of Japanese stickers they have collected over time!

Oh, yeahhhh and DAT ROOF!!!

This car is amazing, built and styled so well... looking at it on the day I could stop thinking that its just a little slice of Japan in the quite streets of Brisbane!

Nice work Peeps, we tip our hats!

We have a few more features under our belts that will be coming up next week, so keep watch!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.