Monday, March 4, 2013


Been a while since I have posted on SK. I like to bring you guys street style stuff, the stuff you can't just go watch on a Sunday arvo at the track.... but due to the lack of good nights out like that, I bring you some early morning skids at Queensland Raceway :D Skids are skids right? ;)

I took the day off work weeks in advance because I knew I had to attend. Not only was I shooting the drifting but I had a photo shoot before hand. Now drifting starts at 7, and before that you need to get there setup and everything. I also had to leave an hours worth of shoot time before it. So yes, it was a early morning -_- I don't mind though when it's doing something I love! 

Enough of the chit chat I'll let the photos do the talking!

Any drift car can start off tidy,

but I can guarantee you it won't stay that way.

 Luke was on fire in his AE86! You could tell he was loving the new Hydro Handbrake.

Even his passengers were having a ball!

You may remember Joel from Gravy Garage that put his awesome Cefiro into Turn 3 wall at 100+kmh late last year.

Well he's back in his new ballin as S14!

Plenty of impressive entries through out the day.

After the first half of the morning consisted of little to no smoke due to the crappy weather the day before, it certainly didn't end the same!

The Drift-a-rama track setup is always cool and makes for rad photos!

Fellow SK contributer RealNeato gave the day a big thumps up!

That's it from me for now! I'll leave you with my good mate Josh from 2G4U Media's video feature from the day. Rad video so make sure to check it out!