Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Well you would have seen all over the facebook page I put the wagon up for sale last week, and it come to an end on Friday arvo.

Everything was looking great a few days before, till a buyer removed his bid of $7100 and then did not bid again.... no one bided again actually. But it had reached the reserve (I dropped during the auction) so I was willing to let it go for the winning bid of $6550.... but after trying to contact the buyer it seemed he was no longer interested and made me waste the cost of listing the ad on Ebay.

Anyway, I decided to keep it and build it more... the only reason I wanted to sell it was to build something over the next few months till I get my license back.... so now I will just build the wagon more!

I had plans going through my head so fast that they would go straight out the same day... But I have locked in a solid plan for the wagon and everything is moving ahead!

I will give a hints of one of the things to come.... It will be staying on 15"s

With a massive thanks to Daniel at 

I am the happy new owner of a set of Impul Hoshino Racing G5s 

in 5 stud... YEP... SO HAPPY!! haha

I have been a huge fan of the wheels for so long, and I never thought I would own at set to myself!

Plans for them are to step them out, arghh, could say massively.. but that will come when money allows it!

Can't thank JDMWheels enough for getting these for me... Have had a smile on my face for the last 3 hours! 

Head over to JDMWheels Facebook page and give them a like to stay up with the latest wheels they have to offer!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.