Monday, November 5, 2012


Continuing on from Part One on Friday .. here is the last of the photos from the Sindicate opening and Illest Australia release day!

Cobey's G35 looked insane slammed down on his 20x10.5 Work VS-FX Wheels.... they are actually for sale if anybody is keen... shoot us an email!

Alex had his mk5 golf out rocking his new 19" (OEM) Touareg wheels in white!

Aerron's r34 sedan... always is pleasant on the eyes... rocking his 18x10 white XD9s all round!

Jump on the Forum for more info on this car!

If you want a closer look at Nelson's e46 coupe... we have a full feature of it coming up this week!!

Harris' drove RYDES out for a chill, which doesn't happen very much any more... as you can see.... urgh... its not too street friendly any more hahaha

Last but not least... Jackson's epic 'STATIC' e36 sedan
It's always great to see this car out and about!

The afternoon was great... super chilled... great cars... and even better company!

Can't wait for the next event at Sindicate Store!