Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stadium Drift | QR

Got the chance to get the weekend off and head to QR with the JDM/GC Crew! Arriving at 7am at Coomera BP to depart at 7.30 am. The cruise to QR began. 

After driving through the front gates at QR (Queensland Raceway) we were greeted with the smell of rubber.

Nothing beats a day filled with drifting, imports, and other track events.

Daniel Buchner rocking out the 33. I love the style of this thing, by far the best paint on a drift car I have seen!

Levi Clarke getting the Soarer sideways!

Plenty of pit stops were needed for changing over tyres.


Dylan Anderson from NizzPro in the 33.4, unfortunately the car was T-boned later in the day, but thankfully nothing major.


People who entered the show and shine were allowed to have a cruise session on the track, which quite quickly changed into a sprint session haha.

Will kicking it in the Legnum ready to go on track!

More photos at: Ben Birch Photography