Thursday, August 16, 2012


If your into the fitment scene in Australia (or even the world) you would know the name Oxer... He is the front runner for StanceWorks Australia and has owned some killer Hondas!

I have been sitting on these few images for a while now... well since Showcased, and being the slack person that I am and not posting much the last week, I think its time to share them!

Regarding Showcased, you would recall we did a bit of an epic road trip from Gold Coast to Sydney... well we weren't the only people that made the long journey... The StanceWorks Aus crew heading up from Melbourne for the day and got Crew of the Day Award!

Well here is his Honda Legend... enjoy...

The first thing that you notice about this car are the wheels... they started as Mugen M7s but copping a lot of treatment from the guys over at Apartment 9 in the states.. they have been stepped to 17x9.5 and filled and drilled to 5 stud... the finish and quality is simply amazing on these wheels and with the full air suspension set up including of.. Air Force Struts and AccuAir Management.. slamming the car only millimetres from the ground, they set the car of amazingly! 

Getting past the first thing that jumped out at me, I started looking over the car and kept finding so many cool little Japanese features.. Oxers previous Honda "UMAD" that some/most should know it was styled with the USDM scene in mind... so its great to see this car head in a completely different direction... it really is all in the detail!

 Talking with Ox on the day, I dig his laid back attitude about the car... he informed that it had been sitting in his driveway / frontyard for around about 16 months before he started doing some work on it getting it ready for daily driving use... yep, this is his daily! 

Hopefully I get the chance to see this car in person at some stage!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.