Thursday, July 12, 2012


Its always easy on the eyes when you come across a nicely styled S-Chassis, especially one like this. Mercedes purchased her pride and joy 1 year ago in hope to build it into her picture perfect S15.

Starting off with exterior, she began her hunt for a set of Racing Logic Coilovers. Not long after 18x9 5+12 Rota Torques were added to give the car that extra aggressive stance. Little extras such as clear crystal tail lights, carbon eye lids, boot lip and roof wing were added to create more character to the S15.

The nice purr is set off by the stainless split dump into 3” shotgun twin pipes that are angled nicely out past the bar.

The engine is standard with a front mount intercooler for better cooling and upped boost for extra fun. Mercedes hopes to move on to engine modifications next.

Overall, when I first saw this S15 Spec R, I fell in love. I had such a great privilege to spend a day out taking photos of it and catching up with Mercedes for Sushi!