Monday, June 25, 2012


As you would have seen from Aerron's post, we had out Secretmeat meet on Sunday, June 17th... we keep these meets private to keep a chilled vibe with numbers small and the quality high!

Jackson's e36 has copped a long due freshen up with his whole front end getting some love.. all paint work was done by Flynn... he does awesome work and very well priced.. if your keen for some small work done you can email us!

 Alex brought out the Golf that has just been recently finished, with a full makeover on the air system and rocking a set of FPV wheels in red!

Ty gave his B8 wagon a wash and come out for a drive... this car is ridiculous and the photos do not do it any justice! We will be working with Ty with some future plans for the SK7 so keep an eye out!!

 The amount of looks we got heading up to the meet spot was insane, as you can see why!!

 Finish this part off with some shots of the 7 that Troy got.. this is the first rolling shots of it so really diggin' them a lot!

More to come!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.