Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last Saturday was the June Downshift meet, this was the 2nd DS event I have attended at this location. After being undecided about attending due to myself still being intoxicated from the night before, I made few phone calls. Troy ended picking me up and drove the 7. We rolled out to the meet with the other BMW (Nelson, Chad and Jackson) guys!

This was the first outing for the Streetkarnage 7.

I wish I could have got my car in this photo. I think we will need to head out one morning early as to get some cool rolling shots of us all together!

I think the drive up along the highway is the best part of these meets.. All of us gold coast peeps have to do the hour or so drive up to Brisbane!

As you would have noticed by the amounts photos I have taken of Nelson's e46.. I love it.. this thing is ridiculously photogenic!

When this pulled in it got a damn big crowd.. I was lucky to snap a few shots before it got swarmed by people!

Nice, clean looking s15 rocking TE37 SLs.

Really digged this s14 rocking r33 GTR wheels... shit was damn low as well!

Ash's ITBs on his Civic, love seeing this car every time, can't get enough of it!

2 very clean cars.. e30 was mega cool and the zenki s14 is always great to see out!

Very cool to see this NSX in person.. have seen a few shots getting around the net after the owner sold his S2000 and upgraded to this!

Didn't get heaps of shots at the meet.. as i was hungover as hell and only took photos when I saw something I liked heaps! hahaha!

and again.. the hour drive back was spent looking at these 3 amazing BMWs

Chad's M3 is nothing short of perfection... it just cant get much better then this!

...and I will leave it on that note!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.