Wednesday, June 20, 2012


With cars always on the agenda, I thought I'd mix it up a little and share part of our Japan Trip we had earlier this year.

None of us had been to Japan previously, thankfully we got a heads up before leaving to get a JR Rail Pass, if your planning on going, make sure you get one! Made life so much easier and more stress free.
 Now everyone does the Vending Machine pictures, if you've been, you'll know you can't escape these wonderful boxes of beverages, food and sorts. Surley locals question why tourists take photos of them. I would imagine it would be like taking a photo of a Vending Machine here in Australia.
 I have to admit I do miss them, the convenience of it all was too good! And like many before us, we poured a lot of money into these.
Now trains are not exactly my forte when it comes to transport, but other then your feet, this the best way to get around. I couldn't comprehend how many people can squeeze into these trains, and the consistency of running on time every time!
We had to catch three trains to get from Narita Airport to our Hotel in Shinjuku, we got lucky twice, but unfortunately the third was a different story, people had to get a run up to squeeze in.

 Jet lag I assume..
After seventeen hours of travel time, we finally checked into our hotel. This wraps up day one of our trip. With plenty more to come!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.