Monday, June 18, 2012


Part Two of our coverage of Cooly Rocks On...

Cool as Bugs.. Fungus is straight up amazing!

This was Caddy is new one.. We didn't see last year... it has been completed very well.. nice and low and finished with those original hubcaps!

This was parked in the section that was full of rat rods last year, was a bit crap that they didn't all come out this year.. but this beast gave me my fix I was after!

This was cool.. the finish on this was insane.. some serious time and money has gone into it... Diggin the phantom grill!!!
Also some may remember these plates from a car that we posted last year, if not.. CLICK HERE

Troy seen this as he was leaving and snapped a quick photo.. I personally didn't get to see it and I think if I did this would have been my favourite car of the day!

This was another of my favourites.. the flat maroon paint with the beige scallops, work so well!

Part 3 coming up tomorrow!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.