Thursday, May 31, 2012


The Streetkarnage 7 has nearly come to completion.. well for this stage anyway.. I thought it was about time to get some quality photos to share with you all.

When I was travelling around southeast Asia, I found myself on Google searching E38s every chance I got some wifi.. this all started after seeing Matthew Waln's epic piece of mechanical artwork! So I was on the hunt for an E38 for myself soon as I got back into the country!

After looking in QLD for one for about a month, I was having no luck.. everybody wanted stupidly high amount of money for them, well probably not stupid amount but way out of my budget. haha

So I got on the hunt for one down south.. It wasn't long before I come across one that was located in Melbourne Victoria (about 1700kms away from me) that was in my budget and had all the things I required with one!

The ball started rolling fast after I found the car, I had money in the bank, and one thing lead to the other and myself and Alex were on a plane heading for Melbourne!

We did the epic drive back in the car with out stops, well apart from fuel and food and drinks.. from us flying off from Gold Coast airport at 6:10 one Saturday morning, the following morning at the same time, we drove past Gold Coast airport.. in my new BMW 730il.

The wheels are BMW style 132s in 19x9 and 19x10.. I actually purchased these wheels when I was in Malaysia haha I had no car for them, but I knew they would be going on an E38 when I got back!

Big thanks to Harris for picking them up and storing them while I was travelling around!

The car is static for the time being, but hopefully be on air in the next few months!

 That's where we are up to with it at the moment.. Currently still waiting for some more items to clean it up, things like new lights and front lip!

Thanks to everybody that has been involved so far.. and in advance for everybody that will help us with it!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.