Sunday, May 20, 2012


Scott's search for the perfect GTR began about a year ago. He spent long hours researching in an attempt to find the perfect car, and after inspecting almost 10 different GTRs, he finally found what he was looking for. A clean 2000 model R34 GTR VSPEC I.

I had the privilege of shooting Scott's car on two different occasions. It's not often you get to see these at all let alone have the chance to be passenger in your dream car.

Being a daily, Scott has kept the RB26 unmolested for reliability with stock internals. The clutch was replaced with an ORC twin plate and lightened flywheel with the factory Getrag 6 speed.

Stock intake set up was ditched and replaced with HKS pod filters housed in a custom carbon fibre air box, and a Mine's carbon fibre radiator air guide. An Apexi Power-FC with hand controller was also fully installed and it has been tuned to run 98 oct. it is currently putting out around 320AWHP.

The restrictive factory exhaust was removed and replaced with Apexi front pipes into full 3.5” stainless steel Blitz Nur Spec system with straight-through cat. It has a quiet purr on idle but opens up when it hits boost and the roar can be heard miles away.

The GTR rolls on 18x10.5 Volk GT-Ns wrapped in GT Radials 265/35/R18. It is also lowered on fully adjustable Bilstein N1 racing spec coil overs with lower bushes & adjustable rods. It is the perfect combination with performance on par with the looks. 

Just the sight of the iconic bayside blue turns heads. It has such an aggressive stance and looks good from every angle.

The stock tail lights were replaced with brighter LED Tail lights to give it the 'R35 look'. Dat ass! Custom LED daytime driving lights were also installed to the front. 

Overall aesthetics were improved with other bits and pieces. Nismo side skirts & rear pods were fitted and colour matched to body. Other Nismo goodies include front & side indicators and carbon fibre pillar mounts. Darker tint was also added to match the factory black coloured glass of the rear windshield.

The factory GTR seats really hug you which really helps when you cornering at insane speeds. They also have inbuilt side air bags for added safety, which I believe was quite an expensive optional extra out of the factory. 

The interior is spotless and features all the usual inclusions such as a Blitz Electronic Turbo-Timer and JVC double-din touch screen DVD/CD/MP3 player. No extra gauges have been added as the Vspec MFD (multi function display) shows everything from boost and oil pressure to exhaust and intake temperatures.  

The grip is unlike any other import I've been in. For a car with only mild modifications, the rate of acceleration is incredible to and it corners like a dream. Going for a cruise in it with Scott, whether it be a mountain run or just a trip to the shops, always puts a massive smile on my face.

This immaculate GTR is also currently for sale! Not many around like this! Check the link to contact Scott for anyone who is interested!