Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'm losing track of time and days over here, so my post have come down to a very minimal amount.. well that's also because getting onto a decent computer and internet is not always the easiest thing! haha

We have travelled through Bali and then over to Lombok in the few weeks we have be here.. I haven't seen any cars that have been worth posting.. I'm sure there would defiantly be some here, but I have yet to see them!

The fixie (fixed gear) craze, as you all would know, has taken off around the world and Bali is no different.. I have seen so many cruising the streets of Kuta!

It makes sense that it would take off here really, being a car is just pointless in the busy and small streets most people ride scooters or motorbikes.. but still with a scooter you seem to get stuck in traffic as there is just so many! but being a bike just gives you the freedom of going anywhere, from the tightest streets to swerving through traffic and decent pace.

So now I would like to introduce you to, Dave.

We meet dave at our local bar & restaurant called Stakz just near our hotel... owned by 2 Aussies it has become our home away from home. haha 
So after drinking there for a few nights, and Dave being the barman, we had become friends.. one night cant remember which one (haha) he showed us his facebook and in his display photo he was sitting on a killer fixie! 

He offered to bring it around after work and show us the bike!

First thing was first, we got some SK stickers on it and then he headed up the street to show us his skills!

So will leave you with this shot of Dave reppin' Sk like a champ!!

Will hopefully bring you some more coverage of the fixies here in Bali.. and hopefully find a car or two to post up!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.