Thursday, October 20, 2011


Rob defiantly isn't new to having his car up on SK.. He has had one badass car after another, this is his current car.. its an R33 Sedan, some may remember it from the August JDMST meet when he was rocking white XT7s

I didn't head over to short track till late Sunday morning of Matsuri... When we eventually got over their, I was pleased too see Robs 33 rocking some serious carnage.. missing rear bar and zip ties hanging off everywhere!!! I had only just finished having a chat to him and he informed me that he hadn't taped the wall yet... shortly after he went out for another run, entering the hairpin and one of his rear tyre blew out, it sent him skidding straight for the wall... lucky he quickly spun the car around at the last second and only just taped the rear driver side on the wall!

Rob pulled off the track and jumped out, seconds later, the car was surrounded with people checking out the damage... Rob's says "Drift Happens" jumps back in the car and heads back off to camp to get some new tyres!! BLOODY LEGEND!

 The man returned shortly after rocking his Model 5s all round and got straight back out there... First run he didn't get so close to the wall as some of his previous runs!

That didn't last long! haha Next run he was getting as close to the wall as possible.

I really liked this photo.. so much really that I also did it as a Iphone wall paper for everybody to enjoy... Can grab it.... HERE

 Really wish I got over to short track on Saturday to watch Rob more.. He was driving like a boss and the car, as you can see, was looking fucking awesome!!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.