Friday, September 30, 2011


Im mega rushed for time to get home and get cleaning and finishing some things off on the wagon for Jambo tomorrow so I will let the pictures to the talking on this one... this is from Classic Japanese Show n Shine last Sunday aka CJSS and also know as Japanese Nationals haha

Was a awesome day, such a great turn out!!
Arriving we didnt expect how hot it was going to be.. I was rocking a killer hang over and Alex had made the wrong decision of wearing a black shirt..!!

 Was incredible to see the fonz in person.. the car is epic and pictures just do not do it justice... defianlty the biggest hi-light for me!!!!

Neil's killer rx7.. speaking to him on the day, he informed about his awesome future plans on this thing.!!! :P

 I have some more that I will post over the weekend, so check back!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.