Friday, July 29, 2011


If you remember the post from Monday you would know the disaster that happened to me.. Jason, Josh and myself were stuck on the side of gateway motorway with a flat tyre and battery!!

I called some of the peeps that where at the meet to see if anybody could lend a hand.. within 10mins 6 cars pulled up and everybody jumped out to see what happened and to help

It would have been a site to see for the people that drove past!

Me showing a bit of frustration and anger to the merc (haha)

But I have to say.. fuck it looks tuff here!!

The tyre that caused the trouble :(

I had a spare in the car but was kinda flat.. we chucked it on and tried to get to the servo to fill it up... this failed miserly, with only getting 100m up the road before it blew out! 

and this is the spare.. we borrowed from a council mobile light, to get me home!

Hope you have enjoyed the photos from the meet and my disasters.. big thanks to Byza for getting tons of wicked shots as per usual..!!

make sure to check out his Flickr for more.. HERE

Thanks, Streetkarnage!!