Monday, July 25, 2011


Yesterday would have to be one of the worst days ever!!!

Saturday was spent doing all the body work to the merc, getting it ready for primmer on Sunday morning.. This was a good day, long and tiring day, but a good one none the less...  my friend Athol coming around to lend a hand and we got a shit load done!

Athol's Pulsar!


From waking up things just weren't going too plan.. First of the bat.. my sander died, so I was unable to finish the last bit of sanding! Then realising how many trims and so on needing to be taped up, it took double the time that I was expecting/planning.. even with the help of two friends!

After calling Alex and letting him know I wont be able to make it to the pre-meet.. this gave us a little bit more time! Then you wouldn't believe it.. I ran out of primer! NO EFFING JOKE! I had my friend Rossi, hook it over to shops to pick up another can.. to finish the last little bits off... So now its 1:45pm, the time that we should have been getting to the meet and we are still an hour away and we have only just got on the road!

After driving for a while, I heard a weird bang and thought the worst, pulled over to double check the wheel nuts.. they where all fine! Went to start the car... BAMM flat battery!!! ended up luckily getting a jump off a nice old man that was parked near to where we had pulled over!

Back on the road again.. I was haling this massive merc as fast as I could to get to the meet.. Was all going fine, till 2ks away from the meet location and the cabin filled with smoke.. quickly pulling over to the side of the motorway, I jumped out to find out what happened.. only too notice my rear tyre loosing air! (FFFFUUUUU) The smoke ended up being just a bit of hydraulic fluid leaking from the disconnected lines onto the exhaust (Double FFFUUUUU) Then only to realise the car wouldn't start again! (Triple FFFUUUUUUUUU)

So now being a little past 3pm we were stuck on the side of the gateway highway with a flat battery and a flat tyre! 

We ended up "borrowing" a spare tyre from a mobile council street light and limped it home!

So in the end I didn't even make it to the meet, which straight bummed me out... I had spent so much time and money trying to get the merc finished and it all was for nothing!! So glad Hughesy and Alex weren't a failure like myself and made the meet a huge successes!! 

MASSIVE thanks to everybody that left the meet to come save me, my friends and my car!!


another HUGE THANKS to all that attended the meet!! looking forward to making it too #2... Byza got a heap of wicked shots and is going to post some up in the next day or two :P

Thanks, Streetkarnage.