Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well today, waking up, I thought this was going to be another boring day at work... but to my surprise, once I rocked up at work.. turned on my computer... my face turned into a grin from ear to ear!!


But seriously I did lololol

The Facebook page received around about 50 more likes over the night... this was enough news to make my day.. but then I opened up SK and with today being the first of June I got to check how many views we had over the month of may!! (I try to only check it at the end of the months)




I'm stoked that the views and likes keep climbing each month... It tells us that we must be doing something right here!

Hope that you all keep coming back to check out what we have to show you.. from our rides, meets, and random shit, we will always have something rad to show you all!!

anyway enough words for one day, I will leave you with a sight that you don't see every day...

Thanks, Streetkarnage.