Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night was the monthly JDMST meet this time held on the southside of Brisbane.. which was good for us GC guys having it a little closer!!

Night started of great with Josh and myself arriving early to pick up Alex and then even arriving early to the pre-meet... This doesn't happen much for some reason, haha.. we are always rushing to get to them haha.

After pulling off the highway at Springwood, Josh had some car trouble with his new 240 at the entrance to the carpark! He ended up getting it going and got it into the carpark... unfortunately not the one that the meet was held in! :(
This was the HAWK's first JDMST meet.. so know it isn't JDM at all, I parked it down the back! haha
This has been my favourite 34 4 Door of all time.. It has gone through a few people since the boys at JDM GARAGE imported it and built it!! some people may know it from Speedhunters!
By far my favourite car of the night.. BN Kit all round with the skirt draggin... cant get much more gangster then that!!
This civic grabbed my eye.. very simple and well done!!
This doing key bangers on the highway was awesome!!

Well that's it, I didn't get to many due to the weather, and I only really got photo's of the cars that I haven't posted before!
was a great night with a good amount of cars and good people, cant wait for the next one!!

Thanks, Streetkarnage.