Sunday, January 23, 2011


This would have to be the best RX7 is Australia right now!!!! Shot it yesterday but many of you would have already seen in Fast Fours and Speedhunters!

More here!!!

SOME SPECS... too much to list...

Rims - Rays CN28N's -F 18x9.5 ET+22 - R 19x10.5 ET+12 (Custom Colour)

Suspension - Kei Office Coilovers and all Super Now suspension components including adjustable tie rods, tie rod ends, traction rods, and toe rods

Body - Rear Fenders widen 30mm each side, FEED Afflux side skirts, FEED vented hood, 3 piece diffuser, Ganador mirrors...

Interior - Full Bride Gial Low Max carbon kevlar seats with Sabelt Harnesses, Cusco Rollcage and custom harness setup. Wheel is a Nardi Deep Corn edition

Engine - 13B fully rebuilt and bridgeported and uses a custom Haltech engine management system. The T0Z4 turbo is controlled by a Trust boost controller and the engine also consists of numerous Trust components including Front Mount, Radiator etc..

Car is built for 500hp on E85 and to be reliable...

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