Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I cant believe I have been so slack and haven't posted up some photo's of Jamboree, that happened a couple of weeks ago!!!


Started for us GC guys at the early time one 3:30ish, to have a meed at 4:30 (man so early haha)

But for me this made the day.. cruising with some of the coast baddest cars all in a line in the early hours of the morning!!

I didn't take my camera on the day (I know WTF) so these photos have been brought to you buy Matyas Fulop check out his Flickr!!!
With the early morning light on Chris's FD you can really see how sexy the body lines on it are!!
Alex's Subaru is so tight!! was awesome rolling with this on the way there and back!!
Rolling in to the show with around 25 cars was insane!!
Shot of the show n shine on the day.. was so busy!!
You may remember Byron's GTI that i posted a while back..
These girls were a stand out for me on the day.. The Brunette is amazing!!
Rory from Downshift on stage with the ladies.. taking out club trophies!!
Will post a couple more photos this week!!