Monday, July 5, 2010


Here we have Braydon's Honda Civic which he has gone down the path of the USDM look!! Since I have been watching this car it has gone through a few big changes, adding some awesome new features to it.

The low has been brought by a set of HSD coilovers, also with some nice handling touches including blox control arms, beaks tie bar, Cusco rear and Spoon Front strut braces!

Running a b16a2 Fitted up with 5zigen headers

Wheels are Axis old skool15x8+25 fitted with 195s. For me this car is lacking a little in the wheel department, but don't get me wrong it is still defiantly stepping up to the plate.

Braydon has done a great job with the overall styling of his ek4.. from the sticker bombed front lip to the colour coded spoon mirrors!

I'm sure we will all see a lot more of this car in the near future!! keep up to good work mate.